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So as I’m scrolling though IG, I pass some gorgeous colors of a new fabric line and an “apply if you want to be part of my blog tour…” message and think “might as well give it a shot”. Wow, wasn’t I pleasantly surprised when I opened my email and Jessica Swift had invited me to sew up her new line, LUGU for Art Gallery Fabrics!

Jessica let us pick anything from her new LUGU line and sent it directly to us. She even had Art Gallery send us solids to match!

AG fabric is so nice feeling. These were all 100% premium cotton. Smooth, soft, with a beautiful drape. The colors are vibrant, and the AGF solids match LUGU perfectly! LUGU for Art Gallery Fabrics has 2 colors ways and a ton of sweet designs that are inspired by Lithuanian folk art.

I had to decide fast what I would sew, so I reached out to my fav designers at Little Lizard King for some suggestions. I just love their patterns; simple directions and great fit, and the nicest group of designers and testers! Their style is on point with my aesthetic and I find myself gravitating to those patterns more often then not. I ended up using a pattern that’s been in my collection for awhile but that I haven’t sewn yet, Malibu (yeah for progress towards another goal!) It’s a fan favorite in the LLK sewing group and perfect as we head into summer here in Massachusetts.

I choose Lumina Dusk and AG PURE Solids Verve Violet to coordinate. I choose this fabric over the others as I loved the vibrant teal color and the different phases of the moon printed all over the fabric. Cora tells me she was “on the moooon” (I wish you could hear her say it) before she was born, so this fabric was fitting.

I modified the pattern just a bit so I could get a contrasting bow and I used the width of fabric for the front and back for a fuller skirt to maximize the twirl. That is the only criteria for dresses these days and it MUST be met (did I mention she’s 3? 🤣). I was originally going to mash a circle skirt but this pattern has inseam pockets and I knew Cora would love those! The back of this dress is a showstopper but so simple to construct. I sewed a straight size 3, but per her measurements, she is an 18 month width and 3 length. I love that the tie and elastic allow this dress to “grow” as she does This will easily fit Cora next year, but probably as a tunic/shirt.

I also sewed up a LLK Charlotte Doll, with some mods of course! This is my second and I got a little crazy with the embroidery. We were on vacation and I decided that since I couldn’t sew, I would embroider her face and hair. Not bad for winging it but man that was time consuming. Next time I’ll try yarn hair, there are tons of great YouTube tutorials.

Cora was ecstatic to see a matching doll the morning after I finished. She just kept exclaiming “is that me?” in her little 3 year old voice. Then she demanded to put on her matching dress. Needless to say she loves them both!

Thanks for following along! Click here to see the whole blog tour line up and what all the other amazing people made!

Thanks for having me Jess!

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